The Story-Revisited

The Story-Revisited

Understanding who God is and what He's doing

God's word is so much more than a collection of disconnected letters and documents written by many people over many years.  It is a single, unified work, taking all of these pieces and telling us the incredible story of who God is and what he is doing.

As a part of our desire to be a church steeped in the gospel, we want to be learning and growing in God's story, so that we can better see and understand how he is at work in our Story.

With that, we are going to be offering the opportunity once a year to walk through "The Story", an awesome resource that takes the whole Bible and works it into 31 connected chapters.  The whole story of scripture is laid out there, and as we read through it together we will better understand God's word and mission.

Grab a copy from the church as an individual, as a small group or Bible study, as a Life change group, or with your family or friends, and join us on this journey!

Along with the book, check out our YouTube playlist with primers for each chapter.

If you want a physical copy, feel free to grab one from LFC for $10.

If you prefer the e-book version, you can buy it here.

If you are interested in journeying through "The Story" with some friends or a small group, or if you simply want more information for personal study, please download the Small Group Discussion Guide for each chapter linked below.