LFC Kids Fall Relaunch Plan

Please note that this plan is tentative as the safety of our children and our volunteers is extremely important to us. We will continue to follow the recommendations from Alberta Health and revaluate as necessary. Thank you for your patience and grace during this season!

Virtual LFC Kids Launch Date: September 6th, 2020

Weekly Challenges - Beginning in September, Weekly Family Challenges will be provided for families via the website and the LFC Church Facebook Group. Challenges will provide students and their parents with the opportunity to dig into some Bible stories, play games together, complete “socially distant service projects”, etc. Weekly Challenges will be designed to have a small activity (about 10-15 minutes) that children can do each night. Each challenge that a family completes will earn them points. When families reach a certain point level they will receive a prize. Each weekly challenge will contain a Virtual Bible Lesson for kids to complete during the week. These challenges are open to all families, not just those who are doing church virtually.

In Person Relaunch - Phase One Tentative Launch Date: October 4th, 2020

Modified Sunday Morning Programs

  • Nursery will remain CLOSED. Mother’s who need to change their baby will be encouraged to use the Mother’s Room at the back of the sanctuary.
  • Toddler Room will be available. Toddler Room will include kids aged 2-4 years.
    • The Alberta Government has mandated that children under 2 must remain with their parents during the service. Please refer to the Guidance for Places of Worship document.  
    • All soft surface toys will be removed from the room.
    • Toys will be split into a two week rotation to allow for proper sanitization. Classroom will be supplied with two rubbermaids, one for “Clean” Toys and one for “Dirty” Toys. Volunteers will be responsible for putting the clean toys out and collecting the dirty toys at the end of the service.
    • Volunteers will be encouraged to spray down/wipe down toys once or twice during the service.
    • No snack will be provided.
  • Kindergarten-Grade 3 will be combined into one class in the 3-K room. Depending on the number of students in attendance, the main classroom and breakout rooms will be used. We will limit the number of students allowed in the main classroom and breakout room.
    • Tables will be moved into the main classroom and chairs spaced out to allow for social distancing.
    • Children from the same family will be seated together when possible.
    • There will be no snack provided.
    • Supply bags will be made for all students that include markers and scissors to prevent sharing of supplies. All materials will be sanitized after use.

Jujubes - At this time, there will be no Sunday Morning Program offered for Jujubes. They will be encouraged to sit with their parents during the main service. Activity booklets of mazes and word searches will be provided each week. Children will need to bring their own pen/markers.

Safety Procedures

COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire - All individuals entering the LFC Kids Min area will be required to complete the COVID 19 Screening Questionnaire created by the Government of Alberta.

  • If a volunteer answers “yes” to any of the questions, they will not be allowed to volunteer.
  • Volunteers will ask parents the Screening Questions at Check-In. If a child in the family answers “yes” to any of the questions, the family will not be able to enter the LFC Kids Min area.
  • Families will be encouraged to answer the Screening Questions BEFORE leaving the house for church.

Masks -

  • All volunteers will be required to wear a mask. Volunteers will be asked to wear a stick on name tag.
  • All volunteers working in Kids Min will be required to have a photo taken of them with a mask on and without a mask prior to volunteering. These photos will be posted in the rooms that the volunteer is working in to assist students in recognizing their leaders.
  • At this time, we will be following the masking guidelines for schools created by the Government of Alberta. Therefore, students in Grades 4-12 will be required to wear a mask if they’re entering the Kids Min Area. The decision to mask children Age 3 to Grade 3 will be up to the parent. *This policy is subject to change as statistics and government guidelines change.*

Check-In/Check-Out -

  • Floor Markers will be laid out to assist families in Social Distancing while waiting to Check-In/Out.
  • In order to minimize traffic in the hallways, parents will NOT be allowed past the Check-In counter. A volunteer will walk the children to and from their classrooms.
  • Parents will show a volunteer their Check-Out sticker and a volunteer will bring their children up to the Check-In Counter at the end of service.

Hygiene -

  • Sanitizer will be placed at the entrance of all classrooms. Everyone will need to sanitize their hands before entering and exiting classrooms. Sanitizer will also be inside classrooms.
  • Volunteers may have students sanitize their hands before games/craft activities.
  • Kid Friendly COVID Safety Posters will be posted in all classrooms and hallways reminding kids to sanitize, social distance, etc.

Personal Belongings -

  • Volunteers and children will not be allowed to bring personal belongings into the classrooms. All teaching materials will be sanitized and placed in the classrooms prior to the service beginning.
  • Children will be allowed to bring a water bottle with them, but it must be labeled with the child’s name.

Virtual Sunday Morning Programs -

For families who aren’t comfortable attending in person, virtual programs will be offered. A link to a Bible Story Video accompanied by an activity sheet will be posted weekly on the Leduc Fellowship Church Website under “LFC Kids Weekly Challenges” and in the LFC Church Facebook Group. We have purchased the “What’s in the Bible” Curriculum, which is a video based curriculum with a Bible Lesson and activities provided within the Leader Guides. Due to COVID, they are providing us with a link and a password to share with parents who are doing Virtual Church, so that they can benefit from the curriculum as well. 

Other Resources to Use During COVID -

Church at Home' YouTube Videos: Saddleback Kids

Online Lessons and Kid Sermons: Life Church

Weekly Video Lessons: Group Publishing  

Bible Craft Ideas and Printable Resources: Crafting the Word of God

Resources for Families Related to COVID-19 and Quarantine: Go Minno

Bible Lessons, Games, and Other Resources: Christianity Cove