Our clusters are the primary way that we provide care for those who are part of our LFC community.  It is also an effective way for us to work together to care for those who are connected by relationship to our community. 

We have configued our clusters to insure that each cluster is the right size, has the right age mix and is more regionally focused to make sure that we are practicing the "art of neighboring" well.  

While our Community Groups are very good at caring for one another, there are times when they are unable to meet every need that arises.  There are also opportunities for mission to the greater community, leadership development and giving opportunities for people to use their gifts and talents in a greater way that cannot be accomplished in a Community Group.  Therefore we have created Clusters that are made up of individuals and families who live in proximity to one another.

Clusters are made up of those walking with Christ and those spiritually seeking.  They are intergenerational and inclusive of all that call themselves a part of our LFC community.  

If you are a part of our LFC family you will be assigned to the Cluster for your area. If you are unware of what Cluster you are in please call the office and the we will be glad to help you.