Mission is one of our core values. We believe that God created men in his image (Imago Dei) and as image bearers each follower of Jesus Christ should find his unique role in the mission of God (Missio Dei).  We belive that as we grow in Christ-Likeness every human being, irrespective of his past, can experience the glorious purpose for which he was created.

Some of the ways that we live that out as a church family include:
* Supporting individual missionaries
* Short-Term Mission Trips
* Supporting our local association of churches, the Alberta Baptist Association
* Supporting the Conference of churches we belong to, the North American Baptist Conference
* Supporting our Conference Seminary, Taylor Seminary

Our Missionaries

Supporting missionaries around the world
Lyndell Campbell-Requia

Lyndell serves as full-time professor at the Rio Grande do Sul Baptist Theological Seminary in southern Brazil and is involved in many aspects of leadership development.

One of her most cherished roles is on-going mentoring of young women who God is leading into vocational ministry. 

Yuri Nakano

Yuri has been serving in the Kansai region of Japan since 2010 at the Komyo Christian church plant in Southern Osaka.  Since 2020, Yuri has focused on supporting women’s ministries of the Japan Baptist churches with an emphasis on empowering women leaders and encouraging intentional fellowship for spiritual growth.

Sheryl Grunwald

Children have always been a passion for Sheryl.  In 2004 God gave her the ministry vision to “Disciple the children of the nations!”  She is currently serving with Action International as Global Children’s Ministry Training Director training ministry leaders all around the globe. 

Short-term mission trips have been a high priority for us at LFC!  Joining God in what He is doing in various parts of the world and experiencing missions first-hand in a cultural context has been a huge blessing.

We have served with youth and adults alike in Brazil, Mexico, Romania and Ethiopia.  These trips change lives.  Both the lives of the people we are sent to serve, and even more so the lives of the people serving.

We look forward to the next opportunity to serve together in this way.