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LFC Youth Ministries

LFC Youth Ministries exists to encourage students to encounter Jesus in a real and personal way, and to help them build a vocabulary and a lifestyle based on that encounter.  Through the Word, Relationships, Worship and Service, we want students to find a place where they feel loved, accepted, valued and challenged, and that they would understand more and more what following Jesus looks like.

What Do We Do?

Wednesday Nights:

Keeping in line with the regulations surrounding gatherings and events put out by the Alberta Government, we are meeting virtually every Wednesday at 7PM! You can connect to our weekly zoom meeting through the following link: In the new year we will hopefully be able to gather together again, but we will make those decisions as new information comes out. For the time being we are greatly encouraged to be able to continue to meet together virtually! 

Youth Retreats, the Famine, and Other Stuff:
Worship and Service are two of the core values we hold in our youth ministry, and we give lots of opportunities to engage in both throughout the year. A few of the bigger events in which we participate are our Youth Retreats at Camp Caroline and other opportunities to serve and grow together as opportunities arise. They are awesome weekends of hanging out, having fun, and growing in our relationships with God and with one another.

Missions Trips:
As a major component of our youth ministry, we want to provide opportunities for students to experience what God is doing not only in our own community, but in other places around the world. In the past we have gone several times to Brazil, and most recently in 2019 we were in Tijuana, Mexico. We are looking forward to going to Tijuana again in the future, so stay tuned for more details!

If you have any questions please email Pastor Scott at [email protected]!