LFC Kids Sunday Morning Ministry - Summer 2021

As we transition into summer and life post-restrictions, we are pleased to be able to offer two classrooms for Kids Church on Sunday mornings during July and August. More information is included below. 

Check-In Procedure 

When you arrive at LFC, make your way to the Check-In Counter where you will be greeted by one of our Check-In Volunteers. They will check your children into our system and provide you with a name tag for each child and a secure pick-up tag for your family. This pick-up tag will be required when picking up your kids from Kids Church at the end of the service. If your child needs assistance from you during the service, the pick-up code on your label will flash onto the screen. If you see your code on the screen, please make your way to the Check-In desk where a volunteer will meet you and take you back if needed. 

Check-Out Procedure 

At the end of the service, please make your way back to the Check-In desk. Please wait in front of the desk until one of our volunteers comes out to collect your pick-up tag. The volunteer will then go back and get your child(ren) from their classroom(s) and bring them out to you. 

Toddler Room - Ages 1.5-4

Our Toddler Room will be open and will include children ages 1.5-4. During the service, our wonderful volunteers will guide your children through a time of play and a Bible Lesson. 

Kindergarten to Grade 3 Class

Our K-3 kids will be meeting in the 3-K Classroom. We will be working through a video based curriculum called, "What's in the Bible? with Buck Denver". This program is a Bible literacy program that walks through the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Lessons will be taught in a Large Group Setting and will include worship, games and Bible learning!  Children will complete a craft or activity in a small group as well. 

Fall 2021 LFC Kids 

As we look ahead to September, we are hoping to be able to launch all of our Kids Church Classrooms again. This will include the Nursery, Toddler Room, Pre-K Class, K-3 Class and our Big Kids Class. All of these rooms will be offered weekly, with the exception of the Big Kids Class, who meet bi-weekly. 

LFC Big Kids - Grades 4-6  *Resuming September 2021*

Every other Sunday, LFC Big Kids are dismissed from the Worship Service prior to the sermon for their own teaching time. LFC Big Kids also meet one Friday a month for an event, beginning on Friday, September 17, 2021. For more information on those events, or to see the schedule, please visit the LFC Big Kids Tab

For more information on any of our Children's Ministry programs or how you can start volunteering in this ministry, please contact Rebecca Kay.