A Community Group is a small group of individuals and families that meet regularly to do life together (community), share in spiritual growth (communion with God) and service (mission) together. Our hope for our Commuity Groups is that the participant would take these three values and put skin on them, moving them out of the realm of distant concepts and into the realm of livable every day life.

Embedded in the values of community, communion, and mission is Jesus’ Great Command to love God with our whole heart, soul and mind and love our neighbor as ourselves.

We believe that in order for individuals to effectively engage in community, communion and mission they must begin by engaging their own story, examining all chapters of it and seeking God’s redemption to impact their whole self as well as others through them.


Building a new community group can be a challenge, as finding good fits and aligning schedules is not easy, but If you are interested in joining a group like this please contact the church office (780.986.9299) and we will try to connect people looking for a group together!