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This summer we have a really exciting theme for our times together on Sunday mornings – “Why Do We…? Diving Into the Practices of Our Faith ”. Often our journey with Jesus becomes routine, as our normal practices and schedule becomes a habit instead of an intentional and engaged experience. So this summer we want to go right back to the basics and explore together why it is we do the things that we do!

Why do we have a Sunday service? Why do we have a sermon? Why do we tithe or seek accountability or worship? As we explore these things together, I hope that you will find a renewed energy and passion for the “normal life” parts of our Christian life.

Tied in with this, and because of some heavier construction and renovations that will be going on throughout the building, our services will actually look a bit different too. Starting in July grade 1 and up will be joining us for our services, so this is a great opportunity to teach the whole body, young and old, what we do and why! Our services will be a little bit shorter than usual to help with that, and we will try to build them in such a way that all ages can engage with what’s happening.